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AG Barr Says There’s ‘No Reason’ to Appoint Special Counsel for Hunter Biden

When Donald Trump appointed William Barr to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general, many of the president’s supporters were a little concerned that he was simply moving another swamp rat into the post.

But then during his confirmation hearings, Barr pleasantly surprised us when he made no bones about the fact that the president’s 2016 campaign was “spied on,” point blank. And for the first part of his tenure, he seemed dedicated to getting to the bottom of the Russian collusion hoax – who ordered it, why, on what premise, and what laws were broken (like lying to the FISA court) in the process.

He even put a U.S. attorney known for his by-the-book approach, John Durham, on the case.

But then weeks turned into months, and months into years, and the only legal casualty produced by Durham thus far is a single guilty plea for lying to the court by a one-time low-level FBI attorney.

And now, on Barr’s way out, supporters of the president are thoroughly disgusted by the fact that the man who roared he would ‘get to the bottom’ of the phony, politicized targeting of a rival presidential campaign is departing with a whimper and a nod to the swamp: There shall be no extraordinary scrutiny of the son of a likely incoming president who is the most compromised by a foreign entity in the history of our country.

The Blaze has more:

Outgoing Attorney General William Barr said Monday he saw “no reason” to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

Barr, in his final press conference before leaving the Trump administration, assured reporters that the investigation into Biden’s business dealings with foreign associates is “being handled responsibly and professionally.”

“I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel, and I have no plan to do so before I leave,” he said.

His announcement is sure to disappoint President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress who have been pushing for the appointment of special counsels to investigate President-elect Joe Biden’s son. Trump reportedly has repeatedly asked for an independent investigator to be appointed so that the next president could not interfere with the investigation of his family’s business deals.

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), normally a champion of letting the Justice Department be as independent as possible, has backed the call for a special counsel into [the Bidens].

“I think it’s a good idea,” he said. “Let me say this, if you believe a special counsel is needed to look at the Trump rule regarding Russia, how can you say there is no need for special counsel regarding Hunter Biden?

“It’s not just the allegation of tax evasion, which is being looked at, and he’s presumed innocent, but it’s his business dealings, emails about setting up an office and [giving] the keys to the Vice President Joe Biden,” Graham continued.

“I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but how far integrated into the Ukraine economy did Hunter Biden get?”

Or the Chinese economy? Or the Russian economy?

Barr may just be playing his cards close to his vest. But then again, given the inaction of his own Justice Department in defending a president whose campaign and administration were improperly targeted, it sure looks like ‘par for the course.’

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