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AG Barr Just Shook Up The Washington Swamp – He Tells Them The Durham Probe Found People Trying To Topple Trump

What’s Happening:

The D.C. swamp has been walking on eggshells ever since John Durham upped his probe into the Russian investigation into a criminal probe.

But for months, Durham has been working with no significant updates. Many Americans want to know just what happened during and after the 2016 Election. And they’re worried the truth will come too late to hold people accountable.

Many believe the Obama administration tried to undermine Trump’s incoming administration. Now, with Attorney General Barr leaving the DOJ, he gives a final word on Durham’s work.

And it won’t be what the swamp wants to hear. From Daily Wire:

During an interview last week, Attorney General William Barr gave an update on the criminal investigation into the origin of the Obama-era FBI counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, saying that a “willful if small group of people” were involved in an attempt to “topple” the Trump administration…

Mr. Barr says Mr. Durham’s appointment should not have been necessary. Mr. Mueller’s investigation should have exposed FBI malfeasance. Instead, “the Mueller team seems to have been ready to blindly accept anything fed to it by the system,” Mr. Barr says, adding that this “is exactly what DOJ should not be.”

AG Barr revealed during an interview that Durham uncovered a “small” but substantial group of people trying to “topple” the Trump administration.

He also said the DOJ was being used like a “political weapon” who used the Russian claims to “topple” Trump’s administration.

That’s pretty bad as it is. But he also said that the Mueller probe should have uncovered all of this, but appeared willing to accept “anything fed to it by the system.”

One dirty hand trying to cover another. This is bombshell information, but I’m sure it will be ignored by the media.

It seems there is evidence the Obama-era FBI and DOJ tried to use their power to stop Trump.

On top of that, Mueller’s team dropped the ball, when they should have discovered all this. So, how many people are guilty? It’s getting hard to count.

But the real question is, who—if any—is going to be indicted and prosecuted? How can Barr make this bold statement, but not hold anyone accountable?

Key Takeaways:

AG Barr reveals something the Durham probe uncovered.

A small group of people tried to “topple” the Trump administration.

He also said the Mueller probe should have discovered this.

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