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“Smartest Man I Know”: Joe Biden Gives Bizarre Interview in Response to His Son’s Shady Overseas Dealings

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden sat down for an interview with “comedian” Stephen Colbert for maybe the easiest interview of his life.

This past week, the main stream media finally reported on the Hunter Biden scandals which came months after we, at Trending Politics, started reporting on the bombshell developments.

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that a new subpoena was issued from the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware against former Hunter Biden over records relating to Burisma Holdings and Chinese companies.

This news comes just days after we discovered that Joe Biden’s brother Jim Biden was also under federal investigation for a now-bankrupt healthcare firm.

Biden is now being forced to talk about his son’s shady dealings however the media doesn’t really seem to care about digging for real answers from Biden.

“As a father I…admire that,” Colbert gushed in the interview. “But in terms of your job as president, can you reach across the aisle to people who will be using this as an attack on you when it is such a personal attack because it’s about family?”

Biden also talked about his son which received no pushback from Colbert.

“We have great confidence in our son,” Biden told Colbert.

“I’m not concerned about any accusations made against him. It’s used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play,” Biden said. “But, uh, look, it is what it is.”

“He’s a grown man. He is the smartest man I know …” Biden continued. “in pure intellectual capacity and as long as he’s good, we’re good.”



Colbert doesn’t seem to care to dig deep to find answers but luckily we do. According to a new bombshell report dropped by Fox News, Hunter Biden urged CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming to “quickly” send a $10 million wire transfer to “properly fund and operate” a business venture.

The email from Hunter Biden shows exactly how the Biden family leveraged their name considering Hunter Biden made sure to note that he was extending his “best wishes” from the “entire Biden family.”

“I hope my letter finds you well. I regret missing you on your last visit to the United States,” Hunter Biden said in a letter from June 17, 2017. “Please accept the best wishes from the entire Biden family as well as my partners.”

He added: “We are all hoping to see you here again soon, or in Shanghai.”

Check out what Fox News reported:

The $10 million transfer to the joint venture was never completed.

Biden went on to update Ye, saying that they have “concluded the establishment of SinoHawk Holdings,” the Biden joint venture with CEFC, and said he looked “forward” to introducing him to his business associate Tony Bobulinski, who he wrote would “act as the CEO.”

“He is a very close friend of James Gilliar and the Biden family and joined our team to focus on the execution of things as a partner,” Biden wrote. “He has invested capital all over the world for some of the world’s wealthiest families.”

Biden went on to note that Bobulinski had “sent a request to Dong Gongwen [Gongwen Dong] and Director Zang for the funding of the $10 MM USD wire.”

“I would appreciate if you will send that quickly so we can properly fund and operate Sinohawk,” Biden wrote.

“I am sure you have been well briefed by our dear friend Director Zang on the political and economic connections we have established in countries where you are interested in expanding during the coming months and years,” he continued. “I look forward to our next meeting.”

Fox News also got their hands on the response from Ye. Ye said he had arranged for Zang and Dong to “expedite the charter capital input to SinoHawk.”

“I am glad to hear from you! Time flies and it has been months since we met in the US. It seems that we were always on a rush when we were together,” Ye wrote, adding that “the consensus we made last time has been materialized in a timely manner.”

Ye also advised Biden to “arrange your people to coordinate with Director Zang and Gongwen Dong for specific work.”

“I will continue to pay attention and give my support,” Ye said. “I have arranged Director Zang and Gongwen Dong to expedite the charter capital input to SinoHawk.”

“I look forward to meeting you in the near future and discussing our joint undertaking. If there is anything I could do please do not hesitate to write to me,” Ye added. “Please accept my best regards to you and your family.”

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