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Joe Biden Breaks Silence On Son’s Federal Investigation

Former Vice President Joe Biden finally broke his silence on a matter that, until Thursday, he’d said very little about.

That matter, of course, is the multiple federal investigations into his son, Hunter Biden, who may be in a world of legal trouble on a number of fronts — with some of those fronts including his shady business dealings with foreign countries while his father was the two-time vice president under Barack Obama.

According to Fox News, Biden sat down for a pre-taped interview, scheduled to be aired on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show, in which he was questioned about the current happenings with his son’s situation. Biden very calmly and confidently answered the questions thrown at him and used some interesting language in the process.

When asked about the open federal investigation into his son, Biden was quick to answer and immediately attempted to undermine the situation by calling it “foul play.”

“I think it’s kind of foul play, but look, it is what it is and he’s a grown man, he is the smartest man I know – I mean from a pure intellectual capacity – and as long as he’s good, we’re good,” Biden said of his son, Hunter.

Fox News reported that the Biden transition team had to clarify that the former vice president wasn’t saying the investigations were “foul play,” but rather the Republicans who have gone after Biden for months on the issue.

While it’s not surprising that Biden’s people had to once again clarify what the 78-year-old meant to say, it seemed a bit convenient. I have zero doubt that Biden absolutely thinks the federal investigations are foul play, whether he’ll admit it or not because they’re targeting his son and possibly exposing him in the process.

Joe Biden and his surrogates have pledged that his incoming administration wouldn’t interfere with any ongoing investigations, but that’s a tough sell given that it potentially involves a number of people in his family.

That’s why it’s more critical than ever before for either Attorney General Bill Barr or his incoming replacement, Jeffrey Rosen, to appoint a special counsel to keep the investigation safe when Biden’s administration settles into the White House.

Only time will tell how Hunter Biden ends up when the investigations are over, but it’s probably safe to assume that 2021 isn’t going to be his best year.

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