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The Nightmare Scenario for Democrats Still Exists Within the Electoral College

There is a liberal-conservative divide on everything. You know this, but it cannot be more apparent when it comes to the numbers that matter in an election. We elect our president through the Electoral College. I know you fine folks know this; liberals don’t get it. They love talking about the popular vote totals. Those don’t matter. Yes, Joe Biden received more than 7 million more popular votes. And yet, all Trump needed was 65,009 votes to win re-election.

Why? It’s the Electoral College math, you idiots. In 2016, Hillary Clinton needed 77,744 votes to win the presidency. The Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman broke down the numbers. It never ceases to amaze me how liberals zero-in on the stuff that doesn’t matter. But wait, if this thing came down to a 269-269 tie, Trump would win given that the GOP has the majority of state congressional delegations. And the president only needed 42,918 votes for that scenario to become a reality.

This is what marginal changes in white working-class voters can do. Joe Biden didn’t dominate, but he did better than Hillary—just enough to clinch the key states in this contest. If these are the margins, then Trump should definitely run again—and focus on winning back the voters who left him. As you can see from the Electoral College math, it’s not that many. It’s doable. And President Trump has already made it known that a 2024 run is in the cards.

It circles back to what Wasserman wrote back in 2019, which is that Trump could afford to lose the popular vote by millions and still win re-election. It’s just the structure. Democratic states are populous, yes—and they’re already reliably Democratic in the Electoral College math. You cannot win by just winning the coasts and the cities, which are Democratic bastions. Hillary Clinton proved that. You need rural voters.

You need people who aren’t part of the snobby condescending base of the Democratic Party who think people who aren’t like them should suffer and die off. Our system requires geographic diversity—and liberals aren’t supportive of that concept. Case in point, for all of Biden and Kamala’s talk about unity, you know it’s crap. They’re only going to serve the interests of those in urban America. Period.

Yeah, I know there are lingering questions about the 2020 election that remain, but the legal avenues here are pretty much exhausted. The Electoral College has voted. Biden still remained on top. I don’t want it to be this way, but the legal effort to further elaborate on the voter fraud allegations was not successful. Time ran out.

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