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Expect These Six Gun Control Measures to be Quickly Implemented by Biden, Democrats

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t talk much about gun control during the campaign because they didn’t really campaign that much and no one in the ‘mainstream’ media asked them about the issue.

The few times they did address it, they were adamant: More gun control, not less. And that’s what Americans should expect if they do, in fact, take office Jan. 20.

So, what’s on tap for new regulations? In short, anything they can get away with. But Ryan Cleckner writing at The Federalist has compiled a list of a half-dozen priorities, and gun owners aren’t going to like them much.

He notes:

If we have a Joe Biden administration in the White House on Jan. 20, we will have the most overtly anti-gun president in American history.

Biden’s plan lists effectively every gun control measure ever proposed: banning “assault weapons,” banning “high-capacity” magazines, limiting the number of guns an American can purchase, holding manufacturers liable for the criminal misuse of their products, and many, many more.

Out of the myriad options a Biden administration will have to infringe on our constitutional protections, which will they choose first? Based on my experience with clients and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT) as a firearms attorney, some recent news events, and a bit of firearm-industry intuition, I think the first things a Biden administration will do regarding guns if given the chance are:

– Banning pistol braces

– Banning homemade firearms/80 percent receivers
– Banning online firearm and ammunition sales
Now, what happens if the Democrat-aligned deep state manages to steal the two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia, as Republicans expect could very well happen?

Then Cleckner estimates three more policies will be pursued, having full control of Congress:

– Banning “assault weapons”

– Banning “high capacity” magazines
– Requiring universal background checks
He then took a look at each issue but suffice to say the standing modus operandi would become: Limits, bans, new taxes, new regulations, and any way to enhance the federal government’s ability to prevent people from buying weapons and then tracking them once they are purchased, all of which would (or should be) patently unconstitutional.

“Biden has already promised that he wants to take your guns and laid out plans to do so. With Democrats possibly poised to control all of Congress, expect them to follow through on these public promises,” Cleckner wrote.

There is no doubt that many of these policies are going to be challenged in court. The good news is, President Donald Trump has managed to put what some have said is a record number of judicial appointments on the federal bench, to include three Supreme Court justices (yes, none of them wanted to touch the Texas election fraud case, but honestly, that should not surprise anyone – also, gun cases address a core Bill of Rights issue).

But the bad news is, some of these challenges may fail – and then fail to reach the Supreme Court. High court precedence in cases heard earlier this century established that, indeed, the Second Amendment is an individual right. But those cases did not establish that certain types of firearms could not be banned.

Therefore, the best solution is one employed currently by several blue states when it came to President Trump’s immigration policies and current federal marijuana prohibitions: Just say ‘nullify.’

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