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WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Brought RECEIPTS; Torches News Outlets Who Doubted Trump On Vaccines

For months, the liberal media and the entire Democrat party mocked President Trump for saying that a vaccine would be ready by the end of the year. Even Dr. Fauci opposed the President’s optimism.

During todays White House press briefing, Kayleigh McEnany didn’t let them forget it. She brought receipts.

“Yesterday, the United States witnessed a medical miracle. The first doses of a Covid vaccine were administered to frontline workers across the country,” she began.

“The president promised a safe and effective vaccine in record time and President Trump delivered. Earlier this year, we heard from several news outlets and so-called ‘fact checks’ that President Trump would need a ‘miracle’ to be right. That was an NBC news article. We were told according to HealthLine that “a vaccine will still take more than a year to develop.” USA today warned us that ‘despite medical researchers progress the vaccine quote was more than a year away’ and National Geographic even told us that achieving a vaccine within call a year to 18 months would be ‘absolutely unprecedented’. these reports deserve their own fact check. False.” she added.

Watch the rest of her savage remarks below:


Here’s just one example of an anti-Trump panel that needed to eat crow after calling Trump’s claim of a vaccine by year end was “preposterous”.

Watch below:


Looks like the liberal media was wrong once again.

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