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President Trump Responds To SCOTUS Refusal To Hear Texas Lawsuit

On Friday evening, the Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit by the state of Texas seeking to block the certification of Joe Biden’s election “win” in a ruling that will have long-lasting ramifications and calls into question the very legitimacy of the nation’s highest court.

By quashing the lawsuit against Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, four states where corrupt officials, rampant irregularities, legal chicanery, and outright fraud took place, the SCOTUS has effectively disenfranchised the 74 million Americas who cast their votes for President Trump.

Democrats, the media, and their treacherous Never Trump allies erupted in celebration after the news broke and removed one of the last remaining obstacles to installing Biden and Kamala Harris into the White House for what for all intents and purposes, is a third term for Barack Obama.

One person who wasn’t celebrating was President Trump whose historical term resulted in the appointment of three conservative justices to the court who joined with the liberals to deliver a sucker punch that puts his reelection hopes on life support.

Per the POTUS:

“The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!”

The suit was joined by attorney generals for 18 other states, 182 members of Congress, and the Trump administration, and given the effect that this election has on voter faith going forward, should have at least been heard.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented but that they were not joined by Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh or Amy Coney Barrett is a sign that the “conservative’ majority may not be as conservative as many believed.

The president followed his tweet expressing dismay with the SCOTUS with two more on Saturday morning which the censors at Twitter quickly blocked from being shared:

While the ruling is a devastating setback to efforts to overturn what millions see as an illegitimate Biden victory, there are still lawsuits in the lower courts including in the key battleground state of Wisconsin where the state’s supreme court will convene over the weekend to mull Trump’s appeal.

With the Supreme Court now having established itself as an integral component of the swamp, it is hard to see how most if not all of those 74 million Trump voters could ever view the “conservative” justices in the same way again.

There is no telling of where a mass loss of faith in the nation’s elections and institutions could go but it isn’t anywhere that is good.

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