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Yes, Dems Still Plan on Investigating Trump and His Admin If Biden Actually Wins

Though Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has said he does not support continuing investigations into President Donald Trump and his administration if he actually becomes the White House occupant, it appears as though members of his party have a different idea.

Because today’s Democratic Party is replete with vindictive, unhinged, and perpetually angry lunatics, Nancy Pelosi’s House is reportedly going to continue probing the president and members of his administration if they are forced out next month, despite the fact that he has been under investigation since before he took office.

CNN has more:

Democrats in Congress are still intent on investigating President Donald Trump and his administration after he leaves office, including a pursuit of Trump’s tax returns, a drive that threatens to complicate President-elect Joe Biden’s pledges of bipartisan unity since he won the election.

Democratic lawmakers and aides tell CNN they don’t intend to delve into all of Trump’s personal scandals once Biden is in the White House, in a nod to the President-elect’s desire to move forward. But they argue they have an obligation to scrutinize the actions of Trump and his administration that they charge violated constitutional norms and eroded the separation of powers — particularly in areas that can help efforts to pass legislative reforms to curb the powers of future presidents.

Democrats also have multiple lawsuits being waged against Trump in the courts — including efforts to obtain Trump’s tax returns, key financial documents, testimony from a former White House counsel and grand jury material from the Mueller report — which they say will continue into the new Congress.

“I would want to investigate things that are profoundly damaging to our system of government and are capable of repetition by a future executive or administration,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

“Trump paying off mistresses or engaging in real estate fraud in New York — that doesn’t really implicate a federal interest. But then we have the whole series of actions by Trump and his administration that shake the foundations of our government to the core.”

“A lot of this goes to the imperative of repairing the damage done to the legislative branch and its powers in the last four years,” added Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Virginia Democrat on the Oversight Committee. “We know how he behaves — we have a record — and one can only imagine in one’s worst nightmares what it would be like if he were to regain the White House in four years. And that means to me, it’s absolutely imperative we address these issues now.”

Remember when Barack Obama was in the Oval Office implementing executive orders like DACA – which unconstitutionally changed immigration law?

Or when he sicced the FBI and Justice Department on the 2016 Trump campaign using a fabricated “Russian collusion” narrative?

Or when he weaponized one federal agency after another to go after conservatives like Tea Party groups?

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Or how about when his administration targeted and spied upon journalists because they were doing their jobs and reporting on the various Obama scandals?

No, Democrats don’t care about real corruption because they are too busy enabling it.

And when they aren’t they’re trying to gin up controversies in the face of the greatest presidency that they stole.

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