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‘That’s Right!’; Bernie Sanders Admits DEMOCRATS Blocked Previous Coronavirus Relief Bill

During a Monday interview with far-left CNN host Jake Tapper, socialist Bernie Sanders admitted that it was the Democrats who walked away from the previous $1.8 trillion Coronavirus relief package that the White House had put together in the fall.

For months, Pelosi was claiming that it was Republicans who were blocking the relief, but now even prominent democrats are debunking her claim.

“Well you talked about that $1.8 trillion bill that the White House Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was working on with Pelosi…the Democrats walked away from that bill because they wanted $2.2 trillion, they walked away from $1.8 trillion…was that a mistake?”, Tapper asked.

“Thats what im saying! Thats exactly what I’m saying!,” Sanders responded.

“Here was a proposal much much larger, Democrats said no, thats not good enough. And now we’re prepared to accept a proposal that is $350 billion in new money?,” he added.

Watch below:

What is your reaction to Sanders’ remarks? Do you think the Democrats will shun him for speaking the truth?

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