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Leftists Come for Ted Cruz After He Does Something Millions of Americans Do

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas drew the ire of leftists on social media after he posted a photo of a healthy buck he bagged while hunting in southern Texas last week.

In large parts of the country at this time of year, many Americans enjoy deer hunting.

And some of them are prone to posting photos of their trophies on social media.

On Facebook, in some orbits, that “like” button can’t be clicked quickly enough.

Some of us enjoy exercising our God-given rights to feed our families and to use firearms to help animal populations from getting out of control.

Hunting for deer is arguably a civic duty.

Nonetheless, Cruz, a frequent target for Twitter’s leftists, triggered outrage after he posted an image of a deer he successfully found in his sights on a recent hunting outing.

“A beautiful day in South Texas,” Cruz tweeted on Friday.

In a picture with the tweet, Cruz posed holding the antlers of a buck he’d apparently shot.

More than 100,000 users liked the image, but the tweet didn’t go over so well with leftists who apparently spend their fall seasons ruminating over how to denounce normal human behaviors.

Cruz was attacked by droves of the triggered Twitter lefties.

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