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This Former Trump Admin Advisor Says It ‘Looks Like’ Biden Is Going To Win Election

Kellyanne Conway, former adviser to President Donald Trump, said in an interview released Friday that it “looks like” President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-president elect Kamala Harris are going to win the election.

“The president wants to exhaust all of his legal avenues as he has made clear many times and his team is doing that. I see in the paper they’re doing that they’re going to different states and and trying to do that and of course that is his right,” Conway told the 19th on Friday.

“At the same time it’s President Trump who freed up the [General Services Administrator] money and authorized them to, to go ahead and start the transition process for the Biden Harris team because we want the engines of government to keep going and you always need a peaceful transfer of democracy no matter whose administration goes into whose administration there’s no question. If you look at the vote totals in the electoral college tally, it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail,” Conway said.

Numerous outlets, including The Associated Press and Fox News, projected Biden’s victory on Nov.7 and the Trump campaign is engaged in numerous legal battles, contesting the election outcomes.

Trump tweeted Nov. 24 that he instructed General Services Administrator Emily Murphy and his administration to “do what needs to be done” for officially transitioning Biden to the White House, though he said it was not a concession.

Murphy informed Biden’s transition team that process had officially started, according to a letter provided to CNN. (RELATED: ‘Certainly I Will’: Trump Says He’ll Vacate White House If Biden Wins Electoral College Vote)

Conway resigned from the Trump administration in August.


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