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Federal Judge Just Ruled On President Trump – She Strikes Down Requested Sanctions To Reprimand His Campaign

What’s Happening:

President Trump and his legal team continue to fight hard in the courts. The other side, in turn, says Trump is making baseless accusations.

They really, really don’t want Trump exposing anything that comes close to voting abuse . Which is probably why the liberal media is fighting so hard to push their narrative.

Democrats in Michigan requested to sanction Trump. Over what, trying to get fair election results?

But a federal judge just gave her ruling.

From IJR:

A federal judge in Michigan has declined to reprimand President Donald Trump’s campaign for submitting a court document that opposing lawyers said was purposefully misleading.

In a four-page order issued on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Janet Neff said she would not strike the disputed document from the court record. Lawyers for the city of Detroit had asked Neff to strike the document as a way of sanctioning Trump’s campaign.

Democrats are claiming that Trump and his lawyers are launching “frivolous lawsuits.” Those lawsuits aimed at exposing possible abuse and protecting our democracy?

The left calls those “frivolous” and they wanted this judge to strike court documents down as a way of sanctioning Trump’s legal team.

The judge refused.

Democrats apparently think legitimate attempts to protect our elections are “frivolous.” Unless you agree with what their media outlets are saying, you are spreading “misinformation” and are “undermining” our country.

That’s a pretty convenient spin on things, huh? Well, not on this federal judge’s watch.

If nothing wrong happened during the election, why are Democrats so determined to stop Trump? Just let him conduct his investigations and hold his cases—and the truth will come out.

If Trump is wrong, then the whole country will know it. That is good for Biden, right?

Instead, Democrats from coast to coast are trying to suppress any attempts by Republicans to examine the election results.

Do you think President Trump should keep fighting, or give up?

Key Takeaways:

Michigan Democrats wanted a federal judge to sanction Trump’s legal team.

They wanted the judge to strike down court documents, calling them frivolous.

The judge refused, allowing the cases to continue.

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