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‘This Is Shameful!’ Juan Williams Screams & Shouts At Co-Hosts, Says Trump’s Claims Are ‘Nonsense’ (VIDEO)

Fox News host Juan Williams is at it again.

During a segment on “The Five” discussing President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims, Williams fumed attacked his colleagues, raised his voice at them numerous time, and snapped at one point and shouted “This is nonse!”

“This is shameful!” Williams said as co-host Jesse Watters was trying to speak.

Williams also called Trump’s assertions “nonsense” and “ridiculous.”

“Let me ask you something: Do you think the news division of Fox News isn’t interested in every one of these [voter fraud allegations]?”

Williams said to co-host Dagen McDowell, who was raising questions around why Democrats and media outlets were not devoting more attention to “isolated cases” of mail-in voter fraud.

Instances of voter fraud with mail-in ballots are quite rare, with individual errors presenting a much bigger problem for local elections officials.

Williams argued that there would be interest among Fox News’ reporters if Trump’s allegations were backed up by evidence, but that instead, they have repeatedly fallen flat in court.

The heated exchange between Williams and his co-hosts, particularly Watters and comedian Greg Gutfeld, typified the conundrum Fox News has found itself in ever since Trump turned on the network once their Decision Desk called the race for President-elect Joe Biden.

“I think Juan sounds nervous,” Watters said before reading the teleprompter to cut to commercial.

“Oh, I’m nervous. Oh yeah, yeah,” Williams said sarcastically before the break.


Another day, another outrageous comment from Williams about President Trump.

In an op-ed for The Hill before the Nov. 3 election, Williams claimed, without any evidence, that the president is trying to thwart democracy.

Williams claimed Trump will rely on his “right-wing majority” on the Supreme Court to subvert democracy in a close election in order to stay in office.

This is the same liberal who claimed that recent peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain brokered by President Donald Trump are actually “accelerating” the “chance of war” in the Middle East.

In late August, Williams attacked a Cuban immigrant for speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Williams described the speech as “disgusting” because the Cuban immigrant argued that Joe Biden’s vision for America parallels that of deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Around the same time, Williams actually tried claiming President Trump is partially to blame for violence in cities across the country and not Antifa, a far-left group.

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