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Biden To Keep FBI Director Christopher Wray If Trump Doesn’t Fire Him First- Report

Presuming that the fraudulent election results in multiple states are allowed to stand and Joe Biden is installed into the White House, happy days will be here again for the great D.C. swamp.

Good old Joe from Scranton is busily assembling an all-star team of former Obama regime figures to staff his administration but he will also have a place for those officials who have worked to undermine President Trump.

One official who will be kept onboard by Biden will be FBI Director Christopher Wray whose coddling of ANTIFA during the explosion of violence across the U.S. this summer allowed cities to burn and mayhem to rage.

According to a New York Times report, lunchbucket Joe will be retaining Wray’s services provided that he isn’t fired by President Trump before inauguration day.

Via The Hill, “Biden Plans To Keep Wray As FBI Director – Report”:

President-elect Joe Biden reportedly plans to keep Christopher Wray as his FBI chief if Wray is still in the top post by the time the Biden administration begins.

A senior Biden official told The New York Times that Biden’s team was “not removing the F.B.I. director unless Trump fired him.”

Such a decision by Biden would be a return to the norm practiced by previous administrations. Generally, FBI directors, who are Senate-confirmed, are able to serve their full 10-year terms. Security experts have argued that doing so helps to create a sense of stability in the intelligence community.

FBI chiefs traditionally serve 10 year terms but President Trump’s firing of Wray’s disgraced predecessor James Comey led to Wray’s appointment as his replacement.

Additional details per the New York Times:

The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said Mr. Biden’s team was “not removing the F.B.I. director unless Trump fired him” — signaling a return to pre-Trump norms of continuity at a core domestic law enforcement agency that is supposed to operate without political meddling.

Another key position on Mr. Biden’s national security team, director of the C.I.A., is also expected to be filled soon, with David S. Cohen, a former deputy C.I.A. director, emerging as the leading choice, according to people familiar with the process.

Mr. Biden has made no final decision on Mr. Cohen, and his selection depends in part on the mix of people he wants to lead the Pentagon and other agencies.

No formal announcement is expected on the C.I.A. until at least next week.

Aides to Mr. Biden did not comment publicly on either position.

Wray did little to distinguish himself during his tenure other than dispatching a team of agents to Talledega over black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s “noose” hoax and the entrapment of a bunch of losers in a ridiculous plot to kidnap Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

President Trump has frequently expressed his frustration with Wray and may still fire him in the coming weeks.

The news that Wray would be retained by Biden is a perfect example of how the swamp takes care of its own and there is no politician alive who is swampier than the former vice president who has swam in its murky waters for five decades.

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