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Michigan Witness: Polling Place ‘Erupted With Thunderous Applause’ When GOP Poll Watchers Were Kicked Out

Moments ago, an unaffiliated voter from Lansing, MI testified that GOP poll watchers were kicked out of the polling place where he volunteered. In response, he says the polling place erupted with applause and derogatory cheers as police officers escorted Republicans out of the room.

“I am an unaffiliated Michigan voter who was trained by the GOP to be a poll challenger on Wednesday, November 4th beginning in the late morning until 8pm because I was told they needed help. They were understaffed.”

“I witnessed the room erupt in thunderous applause and derogatory cheering as Republican poll workers were picked off one by one and ejected from the room repeatedly by police escort throughout the day. By the end of the day, they had picked off so many GOP poll workers, there were probably only a few dozen left to monitor all the processing stations in the room, which I am told were between 130-160,” he said.

Watch below:

More and more evidence is being released by the minute.

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