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A Major NFL Head Coach Has Been Fired. Here’s What Fans Need To Know

The Detroit Lions have fired head coach Matt Patricia.

The team announced Saturday afternoon that Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn have both been fired from their jobs.

Patricia ends his time with the Lions with an abysmal 13-29-1 record.

Friday, I demanded that Patricia be fired. He should have been fired a year ago, and the damage done to the team might take seasons to fix.

He’s one of the worst head coaches in all of football, and he was insulting to watch the product put on the field under his tenure.

Now, Patricia is gone, Quinn is out the door with him and it’s time for the Lions to start rebuilding.

We have talent on the team and fans deserve a hell of a lot more than what we’re getting. It’s that simple.

This move should have been made a long time ago, but I’m glad we finally got it done.

Now, let’s start building for the future. This season is lost, and it’s time to get working on 2021. Good riddance, Patricia!

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