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Biden Campaign Just Crossed The Line – After They Take Slight Lead, They Threaten To Escort Trump Out Of White House

What Happening:

It’s Friday, already. And the election is far from decided.

While the media might be claiming victory for Biden—states are entering recalls and legal battles are just beginning.

It’s far too early to predict what will happen next. But, as usual, Democrats are overplaying their hands.

Somebody must have told Biden he’s won fair and square. Because his campaign is making a wild boast that not even they could follow through on. From The Independent:

Joe Biden’s campaign has warned that Donald Trump could be escorted from the White House, amid reports he has no plans to concede.

In a statement, Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates said: “As we said on July 19th, the American people will decide this election.”

The Biden campaign threatened to “escort” Trump out of the White House if he refuses to concede.

What’s remarkable is that it appears Biden thinks that what the media says is true. The election is being dragged out thanks to questionable election officials.

Recounts will happen as will long legal battles. But Biden thinks he can throw his weight around, making empty threats against the president.

Will Biden really march into the White House and eject Trump himself? Does he and his campaign really think Trump won’t concede if all the legal votes are counted and he loses?

It’s not really the kind of statement that a leader—and winner—says.

Biden has never been a gracious or respectable politician. He has always had trouble connecting and building bridges.

Even if he does win—does he really want to start his presidency with that kind of tone? He claimed once that he’d be a president for all the people, not just Democrats.

But comments like that reveal he’s not really interested in standing up for Americans but just fighting Trump.

Perhaps he should keep his mouth shut until the game is finished?

Key Takeaways:

Joe Biden said he would escort Trump out of the White House.

It comes as the election appears to be dragging on.

The race has yet to be decided as recounts and other battles rage.

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