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Numerous Arrests Made as Election Unrest Breaks Out in NYC, Portland, Minneapolis

Fires and fury followed Tuesday’s elections as rioters took to the streets of major cities across America on Wednesday night.

New York City police logged more than 50 arrests in a series of chaotic clashes, according to Fox News.

Knives, explosives and a stun gun were confiscated.

In a pattern that has become all too familiar, what began as a protest march morphed into spasms of violence directed at outdoor diners, police and any other target that was handy.

In Portland, Oregon, where demonstrators have run amok since May, the Oregon National Guard was called out after Portland police declared a riot.

At least one Molotov cocktail and other objects were thrown at police. Eleven people were arrested amid vandalism that led rioters to smash storefront windows in downtown Portland.

In Minneapolis, more than 200 protesters blocked I-94, leading police to start arresting them, according to WCCO-TV. Organizers previously told the station the march was meant to signify that the outcome of the election would not make life better for minority and marginalized citizens.

In Denver, marchers set fires in a protest that they claimed was directed against fascists.

In one New York City confrontation captured on social media, a woman spat in the face of a New York City Police Department officer.

Devina Singh, 24, was arrested for allegedly spitting in the officer’s face, according to the New York Post,

She appeared to scream, F— you, fascist” at the officer, who adjusted his mask then responded to the provocation by pushing back, sending Singh to the ground, to the condemnation of other demonstrators.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan warned that police were seeking agitators who were provoking violence.

“We are going to be on the lookout for anarchists who are trying to hijack these peaceful marches,” Monahan said. “We have also asked the organizers to help us identify these outside people.”

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