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BREAKING: President Trump Responds After Liberal Media Crowns Biden 46th President

Following through on their scheme to gaslight Americans into compliance, the anti-Trump media called the election for Joe Biden on Saturday morning.

This despite ongoing controversy over voting irregularities in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania and among numerous accounts of fraud, coercion, and mischief designed to deprive 70 million Americans of their ability to elect their leaders.

Minutes before President Trump was to give a press conference at Philadelphia which is the nexus for ballot fraud, multiple “news” outlets sought to end the race and shove Biden and the Dems’ socialist agenda down the throats of Americans who are helpless to stop it.

The call comes before the courts have had a chance to weigh in or the electors making it official and is yet another example of the collusion between Democrats and the media.

If they were expecting that their trickery would force President Trump into running up the white flag of surrender, they were sadly mistaken.

The Trump campaign immediately rejected the media effort to circumvent the process and appoint themselves as the ultimate deciders.

This is a developing story…

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