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Supreme Court Just Ordered Democrats – Says Pennsylvania Must Respond To Dispute over Ballots

What’s Happening:

President Trump is unhappy with multiple issues in the Pennsylvania vote count. It appears that the state’s election officials (as well as others) are not being totally open about the process.

The president wants full transparency because, among other issues, some GOP poll watchers aren’t allowed to observe the vote counting going on.

Trump has also called out the fact that some ballots are arriving after Election Day—a clear sign that trouble might be afoot.

So, his team is taking it to the Supreme Court and the court just responded:

The new filing seeks to block an unspecified number of ballots, potentially tens of thousands, that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said would count as long as they are mailed by Tuesday and arrive by Friday…

The court quickly asked Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by 5 p.m. Washington time Thursday to Trump’s request to take part in the case.

After Trump filed with the Supreme Court to block ballots that arrived after Election Day, the court ordered Democrats to respond by 5 PM Thursday.

Plenty of people have voiced their opinion about this election and the ongoing delay in results. We can’t say for sure what’s happening, but we do know one thing:

Americans deserve to know the results of this election—and right away.

Millions of Americans did their part to cast a vote. They took the time out of their day to wait in long lines to take part in our centuries’-old tradition.

The least we can expect from our election officials is for them to do their job. And do it on time and responsibly.

Why can’t some states count the votes by Election Night, when most others could? Florida and Texas had millions of votes to count by nights’ end. They did so easily.

It is within President Trump’s rights to seek the intervention of the Supreme Court. We don’t want anyone—either accidentally or on purpose—interfere with this process.

Both parties deserve to observe the counting and it should be done quickly.

Do you agree?

Key Takeaways:

President Trump petitioned the Supreme Court to intervene in Pennsylvania.

The court has required Democrats to respond to Trump’s request by 5 PM today.

Pennsylvania is one of several states that have slow or delayed counting ballots.

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