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In Florida, Biden Is Getting Massacred in These Three Democratic Key Counties…Right Now

Alright, folks. It was fun stomping on the Democrats regarding the Florida early returns. Leah will take it from here soon, but things looked grim this morning for Democrats—and that has not changed. The polls from several states are about to close, but in the Democratic bastion of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, it was a “massacre” for Democrats.

Larry Schweikart has been tracking the numbers in the Sunshine State and others for a couple of weeks. This morning, the early voter Democratic advantage was wiped out within hours.

In Pinellas County, GOP turnout surged to a three-to-one ratio over Democrats. In Palm Beach County, Democratic turnout is underperforming by 13 points. Schweikart continued to put it out there that Florida will be bloody for Democrats.

By 1 P.M., he was quoting Adam Briggs, who said, “In addition to the massacre in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach are now both above ‘net zero’ relative to the share of total votes garnered by Cankles [Hillary Clinton]—and it’s not even 1 PM est. Correct: Florida will get ugly—and fast.”

Schweikart predicts that Trump will take the state by 250-000-300,000 votes. We shall find out soon.

Leah will have the final results later.

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