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BREAKING: Arizona Sees Huge Shift, Trump Campaign Confident They Can Still Win State Despite Being Called

Several media outlets including Fox News have already labeled Arizona as a state won by former Vice President Joe Biden in the election against President Donald Trump however recently released data suggests that it may not be over.

“AZ early am update. Maricopa County overnight was a pickup of ~50,000 votes for Trump,” reported publisher for AM Greatness Chris Buskirk “Biden lead is now ~90k with ~520k ballots out there. A 60-40 Trump split of those ballots would put Trump ahead by ~10k. Trump has been winning the count 60-40 or better since late last night.”

The Trump campaign is also optimistic that the President can win the state of Arizona.

“WH thinks the AZ margin is +30,000 Trump,” reported Larry Schweikart.

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