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Alyssa Milano Tried to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Halloween and Failed Miserably

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano attempted to honor the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Halloween by dressing up as the left-wing icon and posting a photo of herself in costume on Twitter.

And boy, did she make a fool out of herself in doing so.

She first tweeted the costumed selfie with the note “Happy Halloween. RGB forever.”

Yup. She misspelled Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s initials.

Eventually, she deleted the tweet and tried again, posting the same photo with a new message. “Happy Halloween. Ruth Bader Ginsberg. #NotoriousRBG.”

Yup. Though she got Ginsburg’s initials correct this time, she misspelled her last name, using an “e” instead of a “u.”

Imagine idolizing someone so much that you can’t even get her initials or her name spelled correctly. Is she going to vote for Joh Bidun and Kammalah Harras, too? Seriously, how bad is it to revere someone so much and then fail to even get her name right?

Ironically, many on the Left are triggered by the Right’s use of Amy Coney Barrett’s initials as shorthand for her name, claiming it to be disrespectful to the late Justice Ginsburg.

Call me crazy, but I think getting both Ginsburg’s initials and name wrong is more disrespectful to the late justice than using “ACB” to refer to Amy Coney Barrett.

And, for what it’s worth, I doubt you’ll see anyone on the Right refer to Amy Coney Barrett as “ABC.”

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