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Obama To Campaign With Biden In Desperate Effort To Save Sagging Campaign

Democrats are starting to panic as there are mounting signs that Joe Biden is going to be on the receiving end of an epic ass-kicking from President Trump.

The Biden campaign has been forced to spend the last days before the election trying to retake ground that they believed had already been won by spending precious time in key battleground states that will decide the fate of the nation.

Lunchbucket Joe is slowly being sucked down into a quicksand bog of his own making as details of Biden family corruption continue to get out despite media and big tech efforts at censorship and the geriatric former veep is starting to crumble under pressure.

Now it is up to his former boss Barack Obama to drag him across the finish line and the race-baiter in chief will be joining Biden for two drive-in rallies in Michigan on Saturday.

The events which are not open to the public will be held at undisclosed locations in Detroit and in leftist gadfly Michael Moore’s hometown of Flint.

Via Michigan Live, “Obama, Biden to visit Flint and Detroit Saturday with three days until election”:

Former President Barack Obama will visit Flint and Detroit Saturday to campaign for Joe Biden, his past running mate and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

Obama and Biden are scheduled to hold drive-in rallies in two Democratic strongholds to encourage Michigan residents to vote with just three days until the Nov. 3 election. The former president is coming back to Michigan, a state he won with Biden as his vice president in 2008 and 2012 before President Donald Trump narrowly flipped Michigan in 2016.

The events are not open to the public.

Trump is storming Michigan in the last days of the election, scheduling campaign rallies in Waterford Township on Friday, Washington Township on Sunday and Traverse City on Monday. The president has visited Michigan six times in 2020, including three stops in October.

Biden’s Saturday visit is his third campaign swing through Michigan this month. He held events in Grand Rapids on Oct. 2 and visited Southfield and Detroit on Oct. 16.

Trump flipped Michigan by a narrow 10,704-vote margin in 2016, while Democratic votes dropped by 295,730 compared to the 2012 presidential election. The Obama-Biden events this weekend are focused on encouraging voters to take advantage of early voting options.

Obama’s glorious presence is a sign that all of those polls that have been predicting a massive win for Biden are bogus and previously smug Democrats and their winged monkeys in the media are on the brink of panic mode.

President Trump has been holding rallies in the Wolverine State as he seeks to capitalize on voter resentment towards tyrannical Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer who has exploited the coronavirus to rule with an iron fist using cruel and arbitrary diktats to bypass the legitimate process.

There is also the matter of unexpectedly low turnout for Blacks and Latinos in Miami, a sign that Florida has already been lost as well as a message to Democrats that their communism doesn’t sell in an area that still has memories of Fidel Castro.

Most ironic of all? The Obama-Biden rallies are being held with people in the same cars that his policy of ending the oil industry would make extinct.

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