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Hillary Laughs as She Reveals Her New, Powerful Election Role

Four years after losing her 2016 bid for the presidency, Hillary Clinton has emerged in an extremely powerful position during this year’s election cycle.

Clinton laughed as she talked about her new role as a New York elector for the Electoral College in a SiriusXM interview Tuesday.

“I’m an elector,” Clinton told host “Signal Boost” hosts Zerlina Maxwell and Jess McIntosh. “I’m an elector in New York, yeah.”

“I’m an elector, so…” she said again before laughing.

The former secretary of state, who will now be among the body of 538 delegates whose votes decide the next president, admitted that she’ll likely end up voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“Pretty sure I’ll get to vote for Joe and [Kamala Harris] in New York,” Clinton said, “so that’s pretty exciting.”

Clinton suggested that in the event of the re-election of President Donald Trump, she will simply refuse to acknowledge the reality of the situation.

“I did a podcast with Kara Swisher and she asked me the other day,” Clinton explained, “I said ‘Kara, I’m not going to think about it.’”

“I cannot imagine that he would be re-elected after the damage that he’s caused, and I can’t imagine four more years of this abuse and destruction. So no, I don’t think about it. I refuse to.”

Watch the “Signal Boost” segment below:

Clinton, who won the popular vote in 2016, has previously blamed the very same institution she is now joining for her loss four years ago.

The two-time failed presidential candidate will now be able to vote against Trump, regardless of who a majority of New Yorkers vote for. (Though it’s worth noting that Biden and Harris will almost certainly win the deep-blue state of New York’s 29 electoral votes.)

This is because New York is among several states that do not bind Electoral College members to citizens’ votes, according to Reuters. Although faithless electors have only rebelled a handful of times in the past, it remains a possibility for some holding the position in modern-day America.

While this system may seem unfair, it’s integral to our constitutional republic.

Many leftists and their mainstream media cheerleaders have pushed for the Electoral College to be abolished entirely.

Opponents of the system became more vocal after Trump’s underdog 2016 victory, which saw Clinton lose by 77 electoral votes despite beating Trump in the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

Now, it looks like Clinton will have one more shot at bringing down the man who crushed her political aspirations four years ago.

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