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After Fox News Anchor Compares Giuliani To Steele Dossier – Rudy’s Interview With Kennedy Spins Out Of Control, Threatens To Leave

What’s Happening:

The entire Hunter Biden laptop story started when Rudy Giuliani broke it to the New York Post.

The former mayor and lawyer to the president has touted he has evidence to expose the Biden family’s alleged misdeeds.

But, as you can expect, the mainstream media wants nothing to do with it.

When even the ghost of a rumor of a scandal about Trump appears, they are all over it like flies on manure.

But Biden? Naw, they pass.

Only Fox Business bothered to interview Giuliani. But it appears it was something of a setup.

Because the host makes a wild accusation against Rudy, sparking his wrath:

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani demanded an apology Tuesday and said “I think our interview is now over,” after a Fox Business Network host suggested he was acting like Christopher Steele.

“You’ve got to be kidding me? I was acting like Christopher Steel? You better apologize for that,” Giuliani told Lisa Kennedy after the host questioned his description of material that has allegedly been found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Lisa Kennedy sparked outrage from Giuliani when she accused him of being like “Christopher Steel.”

Giuliani was so shocked that he appeared to end the interview there and then.

Steel, you might remember, was the Democratic operative responsible for the bogus dossier. The one paid for by Clinton that contained unverifiable rumors about Trump and Russia.

Although none of the content in the dossier could be proven, Obama’s FBI used it to launch an investigation against Trump—also known as “Obamagate.”

Many Americans believe Steel crafted a fake dossier full of false information. Which means Kennedy appeared to be suggesting Giuliani was doing the same.

What we know about the laptop bombshell was that it was left with a computer repair store. It then ended up in Giuliani and the New York Post’s hands.

While the contents have not been verified beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is growing evidence that some of it is authentic.

A former business partner of Hunter Biden’s appears to be claiming it’s all real—with his own documents.

For Fox Business to invite Rudy, just to try to undermine his story, stinks to high heaven. Was Kennedy trying to protect Joe Biden? Was she trying to discredit the story?

We’re not sure, but it does go hand-in-hand with what the rest of the MSM has done.

Key Takeaways:

Fox Business host accused Rudy Giuliani of being like Christopher Steel.

Giuliani provided the world with the contents of a supposed Hunter Biden laptop.

Steel created a bogus dossier full of unprovable accusations.

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