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Protesters Go After BLM Mural Outside Trump Tower – This Time They Just Dumped A Van-Load Of Tar On It

With just over a week to go before the presidential election, it seems like the entire country is politically motivated. Thousands are actively standing up for what they believe.

The most controversial topics America faces are in the limelight, and one of those topics is racism. To be more specific, the Black Lives Matter movement has taken center-stage in many areas.

In fact, there’s a giant Black Lives Matter mural painted in the street outside Trump Tower in New York City.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio commissioned the mural and even assisted in painting it back on July 9, and he called it a “statement of what matters.”

However, ever since it showed up on the street, protesters have made it a target. Prior to this past weekend, the mural had already been vandalized at least once.

Then on Sunday morning, protesters struck again.

This time, though, it was done secretly late at night, and involved a van and a whole lot of tar…

Via The Daily Caller:

The Black Lives Matter mural painted on the street in front of Trump Tower in New York City was vandalized again Sunday morning.

The Black Lives Matter mural, which now has a thick line of black tar painted over it, is believed to have been vandalized by people who dumped the tar out of the back of a van at around 12:20 a.m., police said.

Check out what they did:

In commissioning the mural, Mayor de Blasio claimed they weren’t “denigrating the luxury of Fifth Avenue.” In contrast, they claimed they were actually “liberating Fifth Avenue.”

But clearly, some people don’t see it that way.

The BLM movement really took hold after the unfortunate death of George Floyd; not long after, BLM murals started popping up all over the nation.

Many of these murals have been defaced or vandalized since, some by people who prefer the “All Lives Matter” statement, and others by those who see BLM as inherently racist.

A few New Yorkers also called out de Blasio’s mural as nothing more than a political stunt:

In one incident, a woman screamed ‘Bill de Blasio doesn’t care about black people!’ while dumping paint on the mural, the Times reported.

City workers promptly repainted the letters after past vandalizations.

Hot-button issues like this continue to reach a fever pitch in the populace. And with the presidential election just days away, tensions could continue to increase.

Key Takeaways:

The BLM mural outside Trump Tower in NYC was vandalized again.

Protesters dumped tar on the mural out of a moving fan early Sunday morning, according to authorities.

Black Lives Matter could continue to be a polarizing issue, and might also have a definite impact on the presidential election.

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