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Breaking: ON TAPE Hunter Biden Worried About Criminal Investigations And Missing Chinese Business Partner

Lets all hope that Hunter Biden will go down in history as the crack head that saved our republic. In an audio recording, Hunter Biden appears to be worried about a number of things, including the whereabouts of his Chinese business partner.

On the recording Hunter Biden says that he receives calls from his father telling him “that The New York Times is calling” and his business partner ‘Eric’ – who Hunter Biden accuses of “doing him harm” – is taking the calls. He accuses his father of not protecting him, knowing the relationship between him and Eric.

Why is Hunter Biden so scared that his business partner is taking calls from The New York Times if they aren’t doing anything illegal?

Hunter and his partners – allegedly including his father, Joe Biden, as the ‘big guy‘ – were in business with a Chinese billionaire Patrick Ho. Patrick Ho was the former Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong.

Hunter Biden laments about The New York Times calling about the disappearance of Patrick Ho. Saying that Ho was “the f*cking spy in chief of China.” The younger Biden said that Ho “started the company that [his] partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing.”

He said, “the richest man in the world is missing.” He says that Patrick Ho was his business partner, and the last time he saw Ho was in “his $58 million apartment. Biden claims they were working on “a $4 billion deal to build the largest LNG port in the world.”

Hunter complains that if this was not enough, he received “calls from the Southern District of New York, from the U.S. Attorney himself.” He said that his “best friend, in business, Devon” named him and his father as a witness in a criminal investigation.

He says that Devon Archer did this without telling him.

This leaked audio shreds those in the mainstream media that are trying to push a false Russia, Russia, Russia narrative popular among coastal elites. This laptop and corresponding emails and audio are not fake or disinformation. This isn’t just an attempt to smear Joe or Hunter Biden before an election.

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are directly implicated in business dealings with a member of the Chinese Communist Party government. At the same time, Joe Biden was still the Vice President of the United States.

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