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Breaking: Biden Makes Major Campaign Change

At a Pennsylvania campaign stop on Monday, hours after President Donald Trump said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had “waved a white flag” in regards to his schedule, Biden insisted he’s been spending “12-hour day[s]” with Democratic Party officials in private even as his time in public had been limited.

Speaking to reporters at a campaign stop in Chester, Pennsylvania, Biden’s answer seemed to underscore the campaign’s current messaging regarding the early “lid” Biden has been putting on his days: There’s a lot of work going on, you’re just not seeing it.

“I’m going to be going to Iowa. I’m going to Wisconsin. I’m going to Georgia. I’m going to Florida and maybe other places as well,” Biden said at the stop, which took place at the relatively late hour (for him) of 4 p.m.

“There’s a lot we’ve been doing as well in terms of being online and social — excuse me. Everything from fundraising efforts to making sure we meet. I met today with a group of leaders in the Democratic Party laying out where we’re going to go, getting their input and like so. We’re constantly, there has not been a day that hadn’t been a 12-hour day yet.”

What’s telling is that this response, according to a transcript of the event from Rev, came after the first question he faced from a reporter, in which the reporter made it clear Biden had “kept a relatively light public schedule in the past few days.” Not a question, a statement.

The day before, to give an example, Biden’s schedule seemed to consist of going to Mass and giving remarks before a virtual concert.

This isn’t to cast aspersions on Sunday church-going or on giving remarks to the “I Will Vote” concert — featuring all your favorite acts of at least a decade (or more) ago, including Cher, Dave Matthews, Foo Fighters, Sara Bareilles and more — but this isn’t quite a full day’s campaigning with only a little more than a week left to go until Election Day.

Last week, Biden called a lid on four straight days of campaigning, perhaps not coincidentally as Hunter Biden’s laptop dominated the headlines in publications that weren’t pretending it didn’t exist.

On Monday, before Trump called him out, Biden had no campaign events scheduled, according to Fox News. By Monday afternoon, however, his campaign said Biden would be making a “local stop,” Fox reported.

It’s not particularly shocking that Biden has an ambitious travel schedule with a week left in the campaign. What is stupefying, however, is that the Democratic nominee in the most consequential presidential election in decades even makes a ripple of news by announcing he’s going to those states.

It also came hours after the president said Biden has “waved a white flag on life” and that the candidate “doesn’t leave his basement.”

Trump was responding to a question regarding Biden’s latest applause line on the campaign trail: that Trump’s administration has “waved the white flag” on COVID-19. Biden used it again to begin his remarks in Pennsylvania on Monday, a reminder that the man who could spit out speechwriter wisdom like “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive” — like he did to any journalist who would print or air it back in 2012 — is still at that game, if not perhaps at the top of it.

But as for what they’re waving, it’s hard to tell whether it’s the white flag or a premature checkered flag. Neither should be particularly heartening for Biden’s supporters.

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