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Biden Goes Off When Reporter Says 3 Words He Doesn’t Want To Hear

Americans got a glimpse this weekend at just why the Democratic presidential campaign has kept Joe Biden in the basement.

And it was a bad one.

Following the Democratic nominee’s ramshackle debate performance Thursday, when President Donald Trump needled him repeatedly about the burgeoning scandal around his son Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings, a news reporter started to ask Biden a question about it directly.

And Biden snapped.

As Breitbart reported, the question came from Andy Mehalshick, a reporter for WYOU-TV in Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“Questions and controversy continue today about Hunter Biden, your son,” Mehalshick began.

“Hunter,” “Biden” and “controversy” are clearly three words the former vice president dislikes hearing in the same sentence. He didn’t let Mehalshick get any further before leaping in to cut him off with a string of attacks on Trump and twisting of the truth.

“There is no controversy about my son,” Biden said, ignoring the reality of a laptop computer that was apparently once owned by his son that has been making headlines in the more honest news outlets of the country.

“It’s a flat lie because the president has nothing else to run on. If you noticed, while the American people are talking about what’s happening to their families, he has no plan and at the debate, he has no plan,” Biden said.

“Everything from The Wall Street Journal, every other major news outlet has said what he’s saying is simply not true about my son, but it’s classic Trump,” responded Biden.

Actually, it was Biden speaking the “flat lie” – claiming that there is no “controversy” when there plainly is one.

And it was Biden lying by implication when he claimed that The Wall Street Journal had cleared him of any wrongdoing.

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