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WATCH: Crowd ROARS With Laughter When Trump Plays Biden’s ‘Hairy Legs’ Video In New Hampshire

As you know, Joe Biden loves kids. He loves sniffing them, caressing their hair, whispering softly into their ears, and holding them close as pictures are taken.

According to the former VP, he also loves it when kids reach into the pool and rub the his hairy legs. We’ve all seen the infamous video of him bragging about this encounter.

Sadly for Joe, President Trump is not letting the American people forget about his creepy remarks from the past. In fact, the Trump campaign put the video on the BIG SCREEN at his New Hampshire rally today!

Watch below:


The American people need to know how creepy Biden really is! It should be very concerning that he openly brags about small children reaching into the water and rubbing his legs up and down.

Why does he like that? Why is that okay?

Vote TRUMP on November 3rd so the creep can go back to his basement!

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