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WHOA: Tom Fitton Spills the Beans, Says Everyone in DC Knows What the Bidens Were Doing

Americans in a vast majority of states sent Donald Trump to Washington, D.C., to “drain the swamp” and clear out the scoundrels, miscreants, and criminals who have abused taxpayers, dumped on the Constitution, and set up their own little fiefdoms over decades of corruption.

And now the president is zeroing in on what appears to be one of Washington’s biggest crime families: The Bidens.

If documents and emails garnered from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden are true – and they have been corroborated by Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of the Biden family – then it’s clear Trump is on the right track (with the Justice Department right behind him, we hope).

But according to Judicial Watch chief Tom Fitton, the stench of corruption around Joe Biden, who wants to be president, is an open ‘secret’ in the nation’s capital.

“We got three scandals going on at once,” Fitton said in an interview with Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network Friday. “You have the Biden scandal – the RICO activity that we’re now getting the full details on; we have the big tech coverup and big media coverup;” and the FBI and Justice Department coverup.

“They knew, [Joe] Biden knew, about Hunter’s business dealings in China and Ukraine and elsewhere,” he continued. “There’s zero excuse for what’s been going on. If I were the president, I’d take the investigation away from the Justice Department, away from the FBI, given to a separate entity, a separate individual appointed by him directly.

“And let me just say this: No matter what happens on Election Day, what we’re hearing about today and this week is of serious consequences to Joe Biden whether or not he’s president,” he added.

Attorney Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor who represents former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, said based on publicly available information, there was already enough to indict Joe and Hunter Biden “multiple months ago.”

“And I can’t tell you how livid I am with the FBI for not having dealt with all of this immediately on the obvious crimes the evidence shows were happening,” she added, a likely reference to reports that the bureau obtained Hunter Biden’s laptop last December and has apparently simply sat on it, though there are even indications that the computer contains photos of illegal behavior involving a minor.

“The entire country should be outraged by this, because to be this close to an election and have a candidate so corrupted in so many ways…it’s hideous,” Powell added.

Fitton then pointed out that President Trump tried to find out for the American people what was going on with the Bidens when he discussed potential criminal activity with the president of Ukraine last year.

“And for that, the left and the allies of Biden went crazy, and now we know why there was this overreaction and they tried to tear up the Constitution to remove him from office,” Fitton continued.

After cautioning Bobulinski not to talk to the FBI because they can’t be trusted (he’d wind up charged like Flynn), Fitton dropped the hammer:

The dirty little secret in this town is there are no dirty little secrets. I guarantee you everyone knew about what Biden was up to. Many Senators know about it. We have information coming from other sources, that, from these emails and other similar documents that there were other senators who are implicated in this…

…This scandal, if it involves the Vice President of the United States for a period of time, you can bet it involves other top politicos here. I help explain why they were willing to blow up the Constitution to take out President Trump.

For her part, Powell concurred.

I agree with everything Tom just said. They are so afraid of what they’ve done, they, that’s why we’ve had the whole crusade to try to destroy President Trump. It’s not just Vice President Biden or Hunter it is many of them. They know it, they’re guilty. All of their rage has been out of their own guilt.

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