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Trump Turns The Tables On Biden – In The ‘Line Of The Night’, Donald Says He Ran Because Of Joe

What’s Happening:
Trump may have just had the best line of the 2020 campaign. Joe Biden continues to misquote comments President Trump made about the Charlottesville situation.

Joe even claimed it was that story that motivated him to run for president. Right, Joe.

But in the final debate, the president flipped this comment the Democrat on his head.

Donald brands Joe as the Washington insider that he is, and tells Joe why he came down that golden escalator in 2015:

Following Biden’s promises for reform, Trump asked, “But why didn’t he do it four years ago?”

“I ran because of you,” Trump told Biden. “If I thought you did a good job, I never would have run.”

He pressed Biden even further, asking why the former vice president did so little in office.

Biden was caught flat-footed:

Joe Biden was struggling to counter Trump’s powerful attacks over his record.

Joe Biden was in Congress for years. He was vice president for eight years. Trump asked the obvious question, “Why didn’t you get anything done?”

Biden came back with a shocking short and unimpressive answer: “We had a Republican Congress.”

Which, of course, is not true. Obama and Biden had a Democratic majority in the early days of their administration.

If they wanted to get all these reforms done (reforms Biden is promising now), they could have. But… as Trump pointed out, Biden didn’t.

In answer to Biden’s response, Trump commented, “You got to talk them into it.”

As vice president, Biden would have had plenty of opportunities to interact and work with Congress on legislation (a bid part of the job of the VP). Trump’s response ring’s true. For some reason, Biden wasn’t able or willing to “talk” Congress into passing reforms he’s now demanding.

Trump is positioning himself as the outsider again, exposing the fact that Biden is a career D.C. politician.

In fact, Joe Biden spent 47 years in D.C.—what does he have to show for it? (Besides the controversial 90s Crime Bill that he co-authored.)

It seems that in just 47 months, Trump’s gotten more done than the career insider. It’s hard to argue with that, which is why Biden didn’t.

Does Trump deserve a second term?

Key Takeaways:

Donald Trump said he ran because of the poor job Biden did as VP.
Joe accused a “Republican Congress” for why he didn’t get anything done with Obama.
Trump exposed Biden’s 47 do-nothing years in D.C.

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