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Bernie Sanders Eyes Key Cabinet Position If Biden Wins – Report

Socialist Bernie Sanders may have been taken out by the DNC establishment during the Democratic party primaries earlier this year but he continues to drag Joe Biden to the left.

For anyone who watched Thursday’s debate, it was impossible to distinguish between the words coming out of the geriatric former vice president’s mouth and the rhetoric that Comrade Bernie has spewed for years.

WIth Biden being the Trojan horse for the extreme forces that are using him as their frontman, it is clear by Biden’s answers that he is also a ventriloquist dummy for the Sanders-AOC revolutionaries and their plans for a radical transformation of the U.S.

According to a Politico report, Sanders is eyeing a cabinet position in a Harris-Biden administration and is particularly interested in becoming lunchpail Joe’s labor secretary.

Via Politico, “Bernie Sanders makes a play for Biden Labor secretary”:

Sen. Bernie Sanders is hoping to be a part of Joe Biden’s potential administration and has expressed a particular interest in becoming Labor secretary, two people familiar with the conversations tell Politico.

“I can confirm he’s trying to figure out how to land that role or something like it,” said one person close to the Vermont senator. “He, personally, does have an interest in it.”

Sanders on Wednesday declined to confirm or deny that he’s putting his name forward for the position.

“Right now I am focused on seeing that Biden is elected president,” he told POLITICO. “That’s what my main focus is.”

Former Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir said Sanders has not talked directly with anyone on the Biden campaign about a future role, but plans to push Biden, his former Senate colleague, to “include progressive voices” in both the transition and in a potential new administration.

Yet two other people close to Sanders, including one former aide, said the senator has expressed interest in being in the administration, should Biden win in November. Sanders has been making his push for the top job at the Labor Department in part by reaching out to allies on the transition team, one person familiar with the process said.

A Biden administration is likely to be a veritable monster squad of the worst and most dangerous elements of the Democratic party with Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren a lock for a position, nursing home mass killer Andrew Cuomo being spoken of as attorney general and Beto O’Rourke as a potential gun confiscation czar.

Being put in charge of the Department Of Labor would allow Sanders to be a human wrecking ball with the business-killing $15 minimum wage as a top priority along with a push for federal jobs for illegal aliens and his miscreant followers who have been rioting since June.

According to Politico, Bernie has received the ringing endorsement of former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich who says “He’d be terrific,” which is high praise from a Berkeley communist who recently called for the creation of a Soviet-style commission to persecute the regime’s political enemies.

There is a good chance that Bernie will get the position if Biden “wins” and is installed in the White House next year because he is going to have to deliver on his promises to the socialists.

What’s next? AOC as secretary of energy?

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