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FBI Confirms Had Hunter Laptop Since December, Fails To Say Why They Didn’t Mention That Before Impeachment

The left-leaning mainstream media continues to ignore one of the biggest scandals in modern American history with regard to the explosive information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, but it’ll soon be near impossible to ignore, as the FBI finally came forward and admitted that the laptop is in its custody.

According to Fox News, the FBI refused to say whether or not that there are any active investigations concerning the content that the laptop’s hard drive contains, but did reveal that they’ve had the laptop since as early as December 2019, as Daily Mail reported.

On one hand, it was the right move for the FBI to admit that they’ve had the laptop in their possession, but making matters much more complicated and perhaps opening up an entirely new scandal is a question that’s being raised all around the country: Why didn’t the FBI tell the American public about this laptop before President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings?

The data that’s reportedly contained on the computer tells the real story about who was involved with Ukrainian business deals and it most certainly wasn’t President Trump.

I’m not a legal analyst, but I don’t believe one needs a degree in law to deduce that the impeachment inquiry into Trump would have been squashed the moment that the FBI would have released even a shred of data from the laptop. It would have completely redirected the focus and the narrative, essentially overnight.

Remember, the Democrat-led U.S. House officially approved articles of impeachment against the president on December 18, 2019. One has to seriously question why the FBI, at the time, didn’t say “hey, wait a minute, we found something here that could be important!”

Adding to that, one must also question whether or not the FBI is complicit in the cover-up that we’re witnessing in real time with regard to Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings, which are plainly spelled out in numerous emails found on the laptop.

Why hasn’t the FBI provided the legitimacy in this ongoing scandal that would have immediately forced the mainstream media to actually cover it instead of writing it off as “Russian disinformation?”

The way it’s looking now, there are a lot of additional questions to be answered on top of just the damaging data contained on the laptop’s hard drive. We could be looking at a cover-up job the likes of which this country has never seen before, seriously.

Pivoting back to my original point — the cover-up will soon come to an end, somehow, as new information is essentially being released by the hour which completely refutes the idea that it’s a Russian disinformation campaign. That’s what Rep. Adam Schiff continues to claim, even though Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, along with the FBI and other agencies have now firmly stated that claim is false.

Hopefully, Republicans in Congress will show enough spine to get to the bottom of this unbelievably turn of events before election day, as the American people have a right to know whether or not the nominee of a major political party is compromised.

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