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Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Role at Burisma Finally Exposed in Email Leak

I’d hate to be involved in the censorship department at Twitter, at least for the next few weeks.

In case you hadn’t heard — and Twitter certainly hoped you didn’t — the New York Post began a running a series of stories Wednesday derived from data obtained from a laptop that Hunter Biden allegedly dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop and never retrieved.

Before changing course, Twitter blocked users from sharing links to the stories in part because the company said the data was hacked and it didn’t want to “incentivize” that kind of journalism. (Facebook has only throttled the distribution of the stories as opposed to an outright embargo on sharing.)

Not only is this circular logic (the message: Twitter censored the story because it was misinformation, and we can tell it was misinformation because Twitter censored it), it’s also incorrect circular logic.

Twitter said nothing of the sort — the platform’s explanation for censoring the articles was that its terms of service policy “prohibits the use of our service to distribute content obtained without authorization. We don’t want to incentivize hacking by allowing Twitter to be used as distribution for possibly illegally obtained materials.”

Those materials can still be completely factual — and indeed, much of this is being confirmed. Twitter just didn’t want it distributed, which doesn’t say anything about the story’s veracity but a whole lot about the lengths Twitter is willing to go to protect the Bidens.

In the meantime, if it turns out the emails LaCorte allegedly obtained are wholly factual, this presents more problems for Hunter Biden. The whole scandal, after all, was helped along by a video in which Joe Biden bragged about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor who had once investigated Burisma fired.

The Democratic nominee’s defense for this (which isn’t implausible) is that the prosecutor was a thoroughly buyable disgrace, even by the low standards of Eastern European politics.

This is both accurate and problematic: Corrupt though the prosecutor may have been, the former vice president had a massive conflict of interest due to his son’s work with Burisma.

If this email is indeed accurate — and Hunter Biden’s firm was told the “true purpose” of its work was to quash investigations into the fugitive Ukrainian oligarch who co-founded Burisma — that conflict of interest just got exponentially more problematic.

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