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Brutal Cartoon Shows the First Thing We Can Expect if Biden Wins in November

Think most of believe that at the end of the day President Trump is likely to win a landslide victory in November.

We think the polls are flawed and miss the anger most Americans feel regarding the lockdowns and needless destruction of large swaths of our economy.

Most Americans, we think, blame their despotic governors and know that when it comes to regaining their freedoms President Trump is in their corner.

But what if we’re wrong and Biden actually wins come election day. What can we expect?

While we do not know the answer to that question for sure, based on past history, there is at least one thing we know we can expect and here in one cartoon is our prediction:

Does that brutally yet accurately sum it all up?

While we do not actually know how far left Joe Biden would actually go, we do know his family would use a victory to line their own pockets.

Sad, but true…

Fox News Blows Hunter Biden Email Scandal Wide Open, Confirms Joe Biden Is “The Big Guy” by Ryan Ledendecker

In what could — and should — be one of the most insane political scandals in recent American history, according to sources verified by Fox News with regard to the recent Hunter Biden email dump, one of the mysterious figures mentioned in one of the emails has been confirmed as being a code name for former Vice President Joe Biden.

The New York Post first broke the bombshell story regarding a hard drive allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop that contained thousands of emails, many of which apparently detailed his business dealings in Ukraine — with one suggesting that Joe Biden met with a top Burisma official while in office.

Another string of emails, which hinted at a massively lucrative consulting deal with a Chinese energy firm, listed the percentages of ownership for each individual involved, with one of those being Hunter Biden. The last person on the list, with a share of 10 percent was listed only as “the big guy.”

“10 held by H for the big guy?” as it was written in the email, with “H” being an obvious reference to Hunter Biden. Another 10 percent was allocated to a person named “Jim,” which just happens to be the name of Joe Biden’s brother.

It’s probably just coincidence though, right?

Fox News was able to confirm that “the big guy” is, in fact, Joe Biden. They cited their source as being someone on the original email thread from that particular email, but failed to reveal exactly which email recipient that the confirmation came from.

So far, the Biden campaign has done little in the way of denying the authenticity of the emails, thought they firmly stated that no wrongdoing was committed during Joe Biden’s time in office.

The laptop, which was obtained by the owner of a repair shop in Delaware where Hunter Biden dropped it off for repair, contained a hard drive with a vast amount of Hunter Biden’s private information, including a number of bizarre pictures in which Hunter Biden can be seen using a drug pipe.

A vast majority of the mainstream media, as of this writing, are still virtually refusing to report on the bombshell revelations as it will undoubtedly cause potentially irreversible harm to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, with many pundits hinting that if the information contained in the emails are fully verified, it could even knock the candidate out of the running for legal reasons.

Let’s be honest — this email shows that Biden was on the take during his time in office, plain and simple. That’s huge, and disgusting.

I would make the same exact call for investigation if this were happening to the Trump administration, because it would be the right and responsible course of action.

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