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Biden Plans To Bring Back Obama’s White House – Joe Reportedly Wants To Rehire Barack’s Staffers

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is the former Vice President of America. Therefore, it stands to reason that he would remain close with his former boss.

It’s no surprise to see Barack Obama scheduling events to help promote Biden’s campaign, for example. But reportedly, Biden might take things a step farther if he gets elected.

And it would mark a significant change in White House personnel.

According to a recent Axios article, Biden is planning to bring a “diverse cabinet” of officials to Washington D.C., should he win the election in November.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t made any clear statements on the matter, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some familiar faces back in the nation’s Capitol.

It’s not merely a focus on women and minorities; it’s also a nod to the former President’s selections.

Via Breitbart:

A number of former Obama administration officials are reportedly being considered for jobs under the mantle of ‘diversity’ if Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden wins on November 3.

Biden’s list allegedly contains several high-ranking officials who worked under Obama during his eight-year administration.

This includes Michele Flournoy, Obama’s under secretary of Defense; Jeh Johnson, the former secretary at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice.

Rice might be the best-known name on the list, and she may prove to be a lightning rod for Republican controversy.

Rice came under fire for claiming a planned attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was caused by an anti-Islamic internet video.

She has also staunchly supported Obama in the past, and it’s safe to assume she would also support Biden. It’s likely the former Vice President and national security adviser were on good terms.

Currently, the options are being labeled as a big win for diversity. Biden’s campaign spokesman told Axios that the Democrat is “running a campaign that mirrors our diversity as a nation.”

However, this may cause Trump fans to turn out in even greater enthusiasm.

Knowing Obama’s officials might be back in power again could rile up Republicans and Conservatives and as a result, create more votes for Trump. That, however, remains a question mark.

Key Takeaways:

Former President Barack Obama’s officials might be re-installed at the White House.

If Joe Biden wins the election in 2020, he reportedly plans to bring back several high-ranking Obama staffers. This includes former national security adviser Susan Rice.

The Biden campaign says it’s in the interest of “diversity.”

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