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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Ejects Black Trump Supporter For Lowering His Mask To Eat Peanuts

Donald Trump Jr. brought attention to a recent incident on a Southwest flight that ended with an African-American man, who happened to be wearing a “Black Voices For Trump” hat and a pro-Trump face covering, being kicked off the flight for pulling his mask down while he was eating peanuts.

You know, like every single passenger has to do because it’s quite difficult to get peanuts in your mouth through a mask.

According to Sara Carter, the shocking incident was all caught on film, which showed the flight attendant telling the pro-Trump, African-American passenger that he was being ejected from the flight but wasn’t clear on what policy prevented passengers from temporarily pulling down their masks to enjoy a few peanuts.

You can watch the exchange, which has since went viral, in the video below:

As you can see in the video, the passenger was clearly confused as to what he did wrong, as anyone would be. Speculation from the woman filming the incident was that the flight crew didn’t approve of the man’s pro-Trump gear, which included his hat and his mask. She also repeatedly quizzed the male flight attendant on exactly what Southwest policy was violated as the man tried to enjoy his bag of peanuts. The attendant was obviously hesitant to answer any of her questions because it appeared that he was making it up on the spot.

Trump Jr. issued a strong reaction to the incident Tuesday night on Twitter.

Immediate reaction to the video from literally thousands of Twitter users was a call to boycott Southwest Airlines. The airline has reportedly not yet addressed the incident, which to many appears to be a crystal clear case of discriminating against a passenger for their support of President Trump.

As many social media users pointed out, the black Trump supporter who was kicked off the flight should already be talking with an attorney about the matter — especially the fact that there were witnesses around him who backed his story and not to mention that it was nearly all caught on camera.

Until Southwest Airlines responds to this travesty, if I or any family members have to fly anytime soon, it most certainly will not be with Southwest.

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