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Giuliani Lays Out ‘Opening Statement’ in Case Against the ‘Biden Crime Family’

Rudy Giuliani released a video on YouTube last night that covered a myriad of alleged crimes committed by the Bidens and ignored by government prosecutors, law enforcement, and the media. Giuliani introduced a lot of information we already know, including contracts awarded to the woefully unqualified James Biden, the former VP’s brother, and Hunter Biden, Joe’s son.

Also included in the statement was information that Sara Biden, James’ wife may have also received contracts due to her association with the former Vice President. After a brief introduction, Giuliani gets right down to business:

“And the reason I am doing it this way is because there will be every effort to censor, block and stop you from hearing this information from the social media, from the Democrats, and tragically, from most of your networks that have for over two years been covering up crimes at the highest levels of several governments. The one I am going to talk about right now is at the highest levels of the United States and Ukrainian government, but in future days you will see texts, emails, and photos that demonstrate crimes committed by the Biden Crime family in China, probably most of all, Russia, several other countries.”

Giuliani’s use of the term “crime family” paints a picture of mafia-like tactics associated with Biden’s actions and behaviors. Rudy then drops the hammer into Hunter Bidens…. shall we say…. “personal flaws”.

Rudy brings up an extremely valid point. If Biden et al., is hiding from this now, to what lengths would he go to prevent it from being exposed? Would he be willing to sell out US interests in the hope of preventing himself or his son, the risk of embarrassment or prosecution? And if so, wouldn’t that risk our national security? Rudy rolls right into that.

In other words, it is possible that Biden not only risks our national security but additionally does so at the benefit of his family. As Rudy points out, if he has gotten access to this information, other, more nefarious types have likely gotten their hands on it, like foreign powers.

Rudy then continues to explain the different contracts and opportunities that the “Biden Crime Family” took advantage of for their own financial benefit.

This part has to have Democrats sweating. If Rudy does have financial transactions and records, and if they do truly detail out illegal and immoral actions on the part of the “Biden Crime Family” there will be no indication of how far Biden could fall in the polls overnight. That being said, if Rudy’s accusations are a flash in the pan, this could backfire for him and the President.

Rudy does happen to have emails and texts, one of which he is about to share with us:


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