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Cory Booker Asks Amy Coney Barrett, A Mother of Two Black Kids, If She Condemns White Supremacy

During Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing on Tuesday, radical-left Senator Cory Booker asked Barrett if she condemns white supremacy.

Barrett is the mother of two black children.

“I want to ask you very simply and I imagine you will give me a very short, resolute answer,” Booker said with a chuckle. “But you condemn white supremacy, correct?”

“Yes,” Barrett said with a confused look on her face.

Booker then took the opportunity to hammer President Donald Trump.


The confirmation was a total clown show as Democrats spent most of the hearing spewing their partisan talking points.

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse went on an absurd thirty minute rant about how dark money allegedly funds the GOP.

The rant went on for a whopping 30 minutes and the Senator wouldn’t even let Barrett speak.

If you are interested in watching the bizarre rant, WATCH BELOW:

Senator Ted Cruz unleashed on Whitehouse after his rant was over.

“So all of the great umbrage about the corporate interest that are spending dark money is wildly in conflict with the actual facts that the corporate interests that are spending dark money are funding the Democrats,” Cruz fired back at Whitehouse.

Barrett’s hearing is going so well that even CNN is applauding her on how good of a Justice candidate she is.

During the hearing, CNN shockingly admitted that Barrett was a great Supreme Court Justice pick when they stated that she would probably be confirmed by “70 votes” if she was chosen in a different political era.

“Let’s be honest,” started CNN anchor John King. “If, number one, if we could roll back the clock and we were not so close to an election, and number two, if we could roll back even further and this were another Republican president in another age, I’ve been in Washington long enough, Judge Amy Coney Barrett would be getting 70 votes or more in the United States Senate because of her qualifications.”

“No question,” added CNN’s Dana Bash.

Barrett has proven to be a total rockstar during the hearings and has even embarrassed Democratic Senators a couple times.

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