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President Trump Goes on Epic Twitter Rant That Every American Needs To See

With the world anticipating President Trump’s discharge from the Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday, the President took to his favorite social media app, staging his most aggressive Twitter campaign to date.

At about 5AM Eastern-Time, the President started going off on every political talking point he could think of – starting and ending every post in full-CAPS.

Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire may have been the first to notice:

He took no prisoners in regards to who the messages were targeted at and how the Biden/Harris campaign intends to adversely affect our nation’s economy.

Two key issues for republican voters (any many democratic voters) is the issue of taxes and our beloved 2nd-Amendment. President Trump exploited the Left-wing agenda, reminding Virginia residents in particular that Senator Kamala along with Democratic Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, have all danced around the idea of “mandatory buy-backs” and other forms of extreme gun control policies.

Biden, early in on his campaign trail, stated proudly that taxes will undoubtedly INCREASE if the decision were left top him – completely reversing the trillion-dollar tax-cut implemented by President Trump.

He capped his online-assault off with a message for several states, including two key swing-states, Florida and Arizona:

Capping off at just after 8AM, its safe to say the president got some much needed rest during his short time at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

It was mentioned yesterday that he could be discharged and headed back to the White House as early as Monday. We all anticipate he’ll be back on the campaign trail stronger than ever.

As of 9AM Monday morning, President Trump is still quarantining in the hospital but not wasting any time in regards to getting his message to the people. We’ll keep you up to date on the President’s condition and whereabouts as the day continues.

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