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Hours Before President Trump Tested Positive – Donald’s Approval Rating Took A Hard Turn North

What’s Happening:

The news of Trump’s positive COVID test has obviously drowned out all other news.

I’m sure you’ve already seen endless tweets and posts about what it “means.”

But plenty continues to go on in the country, as Trump and the first lady quarantine.

There was a critical approval poll that came out hours before he was diagnosed.

Gallup surveyed people in the weeks leading up to the first debate.

And there’s been a major swing:

A poll conducted in the lead-up to Tuesday’s presidential debate showed Americans giving President Trump his highest approval rating in months while a majority predicted he would defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in November.

Gallup released its results on Thursday, claiming that Trump saw his highest approval rating (46%) since May with approvals on his handling of certain issues, other than the economy, below 50%.

The new poll reveals Trump’s approval on the rise. In addition, most believe he will beat Biden in November.

Those numbers might have increased after the debate, but that remains to be seen.

Some might already be saying Trump’s COVID test might hurt his chances. We have a different take.

After working tirelessly for months to battle the pandemic, Trump gets a needed break in quarantine.

Imagine how he’ll be in two weeks, emerging in better health—hopefully beating the virus?

Trump will go on the warpath, appearing in every swing state imaginable.

If that happens, Americans could perceive the president as an unstoppable force that will go to the mat for this country.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden put a “lid” on his media appearances over and over last week.

Democrats have been pulling out all the stops to prop up Biden, despite lingering scandals, major gaffes, and worried about his mental health.

This Gallup poll might be an indication that the silent majority is ready to go.

Key Takeaways:

A poll leading up to the first debate had Trump’s approval higher than it’s been in months.
A majority of Americans think Trump will beat Biden in November.

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