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Trump Turns The Money Tables On Biden – Donald’s Top Super PAC Just Pulled Off Outraising Biden’s

What’s Happening:

Through most of the election, Trump has beaten Democrats’ fundraising efforts.

Only once, in August, did Biden outraise the Republican—a fact the media wouldn’t shut up about.

They even went as far as to claim Trump was in a financial “freefall,” without a penny to his name.

(Yet even Trump said he could donate out of his own pocket, if necessary.)

But new numbers are coming in from pro-Trump Super PACs.

And the tables have turned once again:

The leading outside group that’s supporting President Trump’s reelection hauled in nearly $100 million in fundraising the past three months, narrowly edging out the top outside group that’s backing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s White House bid.

America First Action on Thursday told Fox News that it raised $98.9 million during the July-September quarter of fundraising. That’s nearly four times the $25.7 million the group raised during this year’s second quarter.

America First Action, a pro-Trump Super PAC, outraised the top Biden Super PAC during the same quarter.

Throughout the election, Trump has seen higher numbers than Biden.

It appears Biden was only able to outraise Trump right after the DNC, when he got big donor contributions.

Consistently, though, Trump raises more money from small-dollar donations. That suggests that more people are giving to the Trump campaign, regardless of the amount.

From the very start of the election, Trump has enjoyed support from grassroots Americans. Biden, on the other hand, represents the insider, D.C. elite.

Trump is packing in the crowds, while Joe hides in his basement.

With the nearly $100 million raised by America First Action, they will continue to focus on swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

In 2016, the media made a big deal about how much cash Hillary Clinton had. Some estimate she had billions in her war chest.

Yet Trump still beat her with a fraction of those funds.

Imagine what he can do now?

Key Takeaways:
Pro-Trump Super PAC outraised Biden’s Super PAC in the last quarter.
The group scored nearly $100 million in donations.
America First Action is focusing on swing states in the last 30 days of the election.

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