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Lone NBA Player Makes Bold Move To Stand for Finals Anthem

With the NBA Finals now underway in the Orlando bubble, the league is down to its final two teams, and apparently its last player willing to stand for the American flag.

The millionaires have continually shown us, as they did Wednesday, how oppressed they feel they are.

But one player refused to kneel to the Black Lives Matter political mob’s politics regarding the American flag Wednesday.

Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard appeared to be the only player from either team to stand during the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

He was joined by NBA referee Kane Fitzgerald, who also stood several feet away.

Photos of Leonard honoring his country circulated on social media.

The seven-foot-tall center did not play in the lopsided loss for his team, but he won in the capacity that he did not fold to the league’s groupthink.

Leonard previously described to The Associated Press how challenging it has been to stand alone for the flag and anthem.

The player, who is originally from Virginia, has a brother who served in combat in Afghanistan and calls a number of military veterans friends.

He also believe the lives of black people matter, and he does wear a Black Lives Matter shirt prior to games.

But the 28-year-old will not bow to peer pressure with regard to kneeling.

“Some of the conversations I’ve had over the past three days, quite literally, have been the most difficult,” Leonard told the AP in August when he initially decided not to kneel alongside his teammates during the anthem.

“I am with the Black Lives Matter movement and I love and support the military and my brother and the people who have fought to defend our rights in this country,” he added.

Leonard continued, “I am a compassionate human being and I truly love all people.”

“I can’t fully comprehend how our world, literally and figuratively, has turned into black and white. There’s a line in the sand, so to speak: ‘If you’re not kneeling, you’re not with us.’ And that’s not true.

“I will continue to use my platform, my voice and my actions to show how much I care about the African-American culture and for everyone,” he continued.

“I live my life to serve and impact others in a positive way.”

That was in August, when Leonard was not the only one in the league standing for the anthem.

As his team has reached the pinnacle of the sport, the NBA Finals, apparently Leonard has decided to stand alone.

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