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Did You Catch the Secret Weapon Trump Pulled Out of His Pocket at the Debate?

During the debate, the president was asked by nominal moderator Chris Wallace whether he was “questioning the efficacy of masks.” Instead of some hemming and hawing, Trump was straightforward.

“No, I think masks are OK. You have to understand, if you look — I mean, I have a mask right here,” Trump said, pulling the mask out of his jacket pocket:

“I put a mask on when I think I need it. Tonight, as an example, everybody’s had a test and you’ve had social distancing and all of the things that you have to, but I wear masks when needed.”

“Just like your rally,” Biden quipped, referring to the perception that people at Trump rallies don’t wear masks.

The president didn’t go after that one, instead focusing on the on the fact that “[w]hen needed, I wear masks.”

“I don’t wear a mask like him. Every time you see him, he’s got a mask,” Trump said of Biden.

“He could be speaking 200 feet away from him and he shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen.”

And yet, Biden chose not to display his mask during the debate on Tuesday. I’m not saying he didn’t have one (it’s impossible to know if he had one in his pocket), but the candidate willing to display his mask was Donald Trump.

“Vice President Biden, you are holding much smaller events,” Wallace said, contrasting the former vice president’s events with the president’s rallies.

“Because nobody will show up,” Trump said.

“Well, it’s true. Nobody shows up to his rallies,” Trump said.

When asked why he held large rallies, Trump simply said, “Well, so far we have had no problem whatsoever. It’s outside. That’s a big difference according to the experts.

“We do them outside, we have tremendous crowds, as you see, and literally on 24 hours notice. And Joe does the circles and has three people someplace.”

Ouch. However, it’s not inaccurate. And do you know what Joe Biden didn’t pull out? A mask.

No one in the room needed one, mind you, but Donald Trump had his on him.

Was it a stunt? Of course it could have been — that’s what happens in debates. Why Biden wouldn’t have had his mask at the ready, knowing this could happen, is a curious thing.

Joe Biden, after all, has been calling for governors in each state to implement mask mandates. He’s been saying that if he becomes president, he could force a mask mandate on areas with high coronavirus numbers (though he appeared to admit later on that he wouldn’t have the power to enforce a national mask mandate, according to Fox News).

As for his mask? He didn’t bother producing it.

That should tell you all you need to know.

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