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Chelsea Handler Issues Dispatch From ‘White Privilege Closet’ Explaining Why Voters Should Back Biden

Former talk show host Chelsea Handler offered her Instagram followers advice regarding whom to vote for, arguing that President Donald Trump is incapable of dealing with the crises facing the nation.

“I’m coming to you from my white privilege closet,” Handler said on Instagram. Explaining how she felt the need to do a follow-up post after people commented on her tearful plea that viewers vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Handler offered what she said were “three really solid points” for why Americans should vote for him.

“A: Because Kamala Harris is his vice presidential pick. That’s one,” Handler said. The second reason to vote for Biden, Handler explained, is healthcare, claiming Trump “got into office and wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare,” but has failed to come up with a replacement.

“There are 130 million people with pre-existing conditions who will be left without healthcare if they repeal Obamacare with no plan to replace it,” Handler warned.

“Climate change is not a hoax,” Handler continued. “It’s real, it’s happening. There are fires, there are floods, there are more hurricanes this year than we’ve ever seen, and it’s been happening for the last few years. And it’s an international, global issue. We are the only country in the world that has a political party that pretends that climate change is not real.”

Handler then claimed that Syria also questions climate change, saying, “If you want to look up to Assad, who uses chemical warfare on his own people, then that’s who you can look up to for the other person who doesn’t believe in climate change.”

Handler further criticized Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which she said Trump “is pretending is not happening.” Encouraging viewers to get their coronavirus news from the BBC and Al-Jazeera, she said, “I know people who have died. I know people who have gotten sick. And you can’t let—we have the ability to elect somebody who’s going to address it, and he’s going to put a cabinet together that reflects what this country should look like. Not just old white guys who are f***ing racist and pissed off that we had a black president.”

Handler went on to blast the Founding Fathers for issuing a Declaration of Independence from Britain despite maintaining slavery.

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