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Trump Cuts New Nancy Antoinette Ad – Video Demands Voters To Blow Elitist Leaders Out Of Office

One CNN contributor called Pelosi’s Hairgate a gift to the president, and we’re seeing why now.

Americans watched as a top Democrat insulted the country by breaking her own COVID rules.

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Not only does it point out hypocrisy on the part of the Speaker, but it highlights a string of recent elitist moves by those who think they are above regular folks.

And Trump just cut a new ad calling Nancy “Antoinette” and demands voters to hold her accountable:

Hypocrite Nancy Antoinette should step down! #NancyBlowOut #NancyAntoinette #NancyMustGo

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats have come to represent the very thing they claimed to oppose.

Time and again we see Democrat acting like they are above the law.

That was true of Hillary in 2016—and that’s certainly true of Pelosi and her allies in the DNC.

Pelosi had no problem breaking local COVID rules to suit her demands. When called out on it, she blamed the salon.

To this day, she refuses to apologize or take responsibility for her own actions.

Hmm… sounds a lot like what Democrats often do, huh?

Over the Summer, Democrats turned a blind eye to riots that destroyed their own cities.

Only lately have they “condemned” the violence, blaming it on Trump.

They never apologized for defunding police or admitting their previous stance contributed to the chaos.

And they never expect us to call them out on this double standard.

Trump’s new video is calling on Americans who are outraged at how the swamp dwellers behave.

If you are sick and tired of how Nancy and her buddies act, Trump is calling on you to get rid of them.

Are you voting to throw out all the Washington elitists in November?

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