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Swing State Sheriff Flips On Joe Biden – He Claims Democrats Left Him, Goes Republican In Pennsylvania

With less than two months until the election, every vote and every endorsement counts.

President Trump has called himself the law and order president. While Biden’s allies on the left embrace defunding the police.

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A new poll revealed that people who suffered from the riots overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, by a whopping 75%.

And now, a swing state sheriff is making a bold statement after he says he was left behind:

Westmoreland County Sheriff James Albert announced this week that he has changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican following months of violent riots and attacks on law enforcement by leftists…

Albert, 77, has worked for more than four decades in both law enforcement and as a judge.

James Albert, a Westmoreland county sheriff, announced this week that he was leaving the Democratic Party for the Republicans.

He said he was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, was pro-life, and a lifelong member of the NRA.

You have to wonder why it took him so long to switch parties!

Albert says that over the years, the Democratic Party left him, not the other way around.

With values like that, it’s hard to disagree.

Once upon a time, Democrats worked to embrace Americans from all backgrounds.

But today, they have alienated pro-life Americans, gun owners, and anyone that supports the police.

It appears it was only a matter of time before his sheriff left the Democrats for the GOP.

This year, numerous police unions broke from tradition to openly back President Trump.

The backlash from the left against police—even the abolishing and defunding of PDs—has driven many cops to embrace Trump.

Even Democrats from deeply-blue cities are rethinking their vote, after their leaders left them to suffer at the hands of rioters and looters.

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